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The year was 1937 and 22-year-old Joe Ukrop – a meat manager at the A&P supermarket – convinced his father to mortgage the family farm to open Ukrop’s Market in Richmond, VA.

With the help of sons Jim and Bobby, Joe and his wife, Jacquelin, eventually grew the chain of Ukrop’s Super Markets to 25 locations throughout Central Virginia. Over time, the Ukrop’s name became known for the store’s high standard for customer service, a passion for wholesome foods, and community health and well-being.

After the sale of the grocery business in 2010, the Ukrop's Homestyle Foods business was retained so their kitchen and bakery could continue to provide ready-to-heat and eat meals and sides, baked goods, and desserts to loyal customers nationwide.

Transportation and logistics have always been at the core of the Ukrop's business. From 1937 through the 60's, Joe Ukrop and his staff relied on several vehicles, including an old Ford Model T Freightliner truck to transport products throughout the Richmond region. This evolved in the 1960's with the introduction of a larger Ford step-van, affectionately nicknamed, "Blue Goose" which continued Ukrop's customer-centric delivery model. Today, Homestyle Logistics operates a modern fleet of refrigerated box trucks, serving the Mid-Atlantic region.


Our attention to detail and relentless focus on customer service remains the core of our business and fuels everything we do. 

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